Without Eyes You Cannot Cry

Who's to blame?

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22 January 1890
asdgasdgas, Mongolia
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1984, 7 year bitch, adorable little nerds, alice in chains, andy the aborted fetus, anti-mp3, autumn, babes in toyland, being anti-social, bitch alert, boring people, bothering cute little animals, buffet intellectualism, butterflies, canada, cardassians, cheap prostitutes, chicks with cellos, childfree, cliffnotes, competent computer users, cult horror, daria, david lee roth, deep space nine, disco balls, dolphins, downloading stuff, dracula, dustbunnies, dwight frye, evil-doers, fake women, fancy new human friends, firefly, flea markets, frankenstein, frasier, german, good sir dishrag, grammar skillz, guano apes, guinea pigs, hamsters, hiding in my room, hitman 2, horror movies, human waste project, infidels, interesting psychos, international spies, jack frost, jaded bag ladies, jeffrey combs, jenjen, kidneythieves, killing pixel people, kira/morn, kitties, kotor, käse, l7, lacuna coil, lasagne, lighthouses, m*a*s*h, math, men in drag, messy rooms, minot, morn, mst3k, my blue slippers, my own little world, my ruin, net goblins, nightwish, norman bates, north dakota, number munchers, og, old school alternator, online gremlins, optical mouses, oregon trail, pearl jam, pearl jam bootlegs, pearl jam concerts, pearl people, philip larkin, pope chippy, pretty shiny buttons, psych, psycho, queen adreena, rage against the machine, rain, rainbows, random simpsons quotes, ranting, rasputina, re-animator, red dwarf, renfield, root beer, sahara hotnights, santa claus conquering martians, scaring children, schadenfreude, schmetterlinge, scrubs, searching for minions, shag green carpet, silence, sleater-kinney, snakes on a plane, sociopathic computers, sparkley nail polish, squirrels, star trek, starting cults, stuffed aminals, super mario world, supersuckers, system of a down, teh internets, tetris, the black cat, the brave little toaster, the frighteners, the gits, the simpsons, thunderstorms, tornadoes, tura satana, turtles, uberhottcookiesmurfcookiecookie, unemployment, unsolved mysteries, village weirdos, vincent price, violent video games, voices in my head, war mongers, william shatner, worker and parasite, world domination
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Ich mag Schmetterlingen.

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